1x 20` Container to Kilueka in DR Kongo

We put together shortly a transport donation for an association based in Meppen Aqua creative. The donation consisted of used hospital beds, tools for masons, gardeners, carpenters and locksmiths, in addition manual sewing machines and workshop equipment. This was done through the mediation of Mr. Marquardt (Vechta) from the association Lernen-Helfen-Leben. This transport was financed by the state-owned society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Mr. Marquardt kindly put the following text available for perusal:
The Songa Nzila Association e.V. (show the way) has been founded in the region Kilueka in 2008 at the encouragement of Mr. Augustin Konda ku Mbuta. Mr. Konda is a researcher and biologist working at the University of Kinshasa and known as the author of the hand book “utiles Plantes du Bas-Congo” (Useful plants of Bas-Congo). He lives with his family in Bumbu district in Kinshasa, there he has built and heads a small Medical Center Anamed. ANAMED means “action natural medicine”, i.e. there were and are healing methods developed with the help of native medicinal plants. Mr. Konda is also the first chairman of Anamed Rep. Congo and works closely together with the Association Anamed e.V. (www.anamed.org) in Germany.

Bumbu, the poor district of Kinshasa, with 65,000 inhabitants per km ┬▓ is the most densely populated part of the capital. Outside of Kinshasa, about 40 kilometers away, Mr Konda operates a larger garden for the cultivation of medicinal plants, especially Artemisia annua.

Mr. Konda comes from Kilueka and speaks the local language Kikongo. He lives in Kinshasa and travels regularly to Kilueka his home village about 150 km southwest of Kinshasa, which is only accessible through dirt roads.

In the last two years Songa Nzila Association has established a community house in Kilueka through a cooperative effort, in the community house a small health centre and additional rooms for meetings and training are yet to be built. This building was created with the help of association members with a lot of dedication, which nevertheless still required financial support from Germany. It is primarily this community support, which Aqua Creative has committed to in their future plans.

At the beginning, only about 25 people were part of Songa Nzila, primarily women. They have shown people what they are capable of by working and planning together to improve their living conditions in spite of the general misery. Thus, the expectations in the community have increased and the hope that further improvements possible.

The measures envisaged in this project will improve the living conditions of about 5,000 people. And it is frequently experienced that successful projects are quickly copied and imitated by the people around. An important corollary effect is likely the reduction of rural migration to cities.

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