20′container on the way to the Diocese of Aliwal


In the year 2011, Hejo Theisgen of the Hildesheim Labora Youth Workshop asked us if we would like to participate in a project to help hapless African youth. At that time we did not know that it would take high endurance levels on both our parts to complete the project. Till the shipping date, a lot of work was yet to be finished:

The financial resources for the implementation of the project had to be raised and a request for a transport cost subsidy had to be submitted to the government-owned GIZ – this was thankfully accepted.

The container, which was already standing on our premises, needed another security certificate from the DEKRA. A damaged spot on a corner post had to be repaired and holes in the ceiling had to be welded. Also, a new protective coating was needed. 33 bicycles, 10 load wheels and 30 manual pedal sewing machines, tools and workshop accessories and spare parts were shipped.

Bishop Wüstenberg, who was consecrated as priest in Hildesheim in 1982 went illegally to the apartheid regime of South Africa. There, he was given a farm on Mount Carmel in the province of Aliwal, he set out on the task of giving hapless young people a new perspective.

A bike rental, load transport wheels and manual pedal sewing machines will enable aid for self-help. With that it forms a full circle, linking school children in laboratories of South Africa to people with job opportunities at Arbeit und Dritte Welt. Means to do so, in this case are used bicycles, sewing machines and tools that have been saved from junkyards and landfills and thereby retaining their value again.

The slogan is: Recycle and Reuse. That is sustainable for all involved.

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