About Us

Foreign Aid

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” this is our primary motto. It is the idea that is at the core of all our activities.
Machines and tools that are no longer in use are donated to us. We refurbish them using our in-house resources and send them to developing countries that actually have a need for them. This is done on a self help basis. The different projects are executed through partner organizations that are active in the recipient country. If required, we also assist with the transport logistics.

We run an apprenticeship program where young people between the ages 16 to 25, who have been unable to secure jobs or unable to complete their education have a chance to start all over again. Our counsellors help them deal with their situation. They have the choice of learning a vocational activity. This helps them develop necessary skills and improve their confidence to successfully be able to find jobs later. It gives them a window of opportunity. It teaches them work culture and imbibes a sense of discipline in them so that they are better suited to the job market.

Unemployed and disabled:
Permanently unemployed or disabled people run the risk of being marginalised from the society. We provide a platform where they can share their concerns and help cope with their circumstances. They meet people in similar situations and develop a bonding, where they support one another. Together with our counsellors we help them integrate back into the society while engaging themselves productively.
The refurbishing of the machines and tools are done primarily by young apprentices and the unemployed with the help of guidance from professionals (having an expert craftsmanship certificate). This way we perform a dual task of not only sending quality materials to developing countries but also training our own young people and unemployed to enhance their value at the job market.