Boat project successfully completed

Many hands contributed to the success of the Burundi boat project. In 2009, the THW helped us to transport the hull from a rented garage in Steuerwalderstrasse. Little did we know at that time that the boot would float in the finest and road worthy lake, Tanganyika. The Hanoverian Association IREMBO and its chairman Gerard Niyimbonera suggested to us that the boat could be used by Burundian adolescents to travel from the capital and port city of Bujumbura in Burundi and also provide a way for them to earn additional income by way of transportation.

The youth from the Labora youth workshop could showcase their talent through the program “strengthening of locals”. Supported by the workshops of Arbeit und Dritte Welt, with the assistance of BBZ and coordinated by the Youth Department of the city, the boat was finally handed over to the Ambassador of Burundi in August 2010 at the Hildesheim market place. The financial support for the transport from Hildesheim to Burundi was initiated by the Honorary Consul Dietrich von Berg to Burundi. The transport finally went off without a hitch in fall 2011. The boat has since travelled many miles on Lake Tanganyika. Gerard Niyimbonera personally supervised its use on location. It floats and it moves elegantly.

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