Our containers on their way to Eritrea

On Monday 1 December 2008, the journey began. After we had collected and packed donations together with the regional section of the Workers Welfare Association in Hildesheim, as well as the Volkssolidarität Potsdam and the Public Social Aid Eritrea, the first lorry with a 40´container arrived on our courtyard in Stadtfeld shortly after 10 pm. The donations packed in boxes had already been arranged in beforehand planned order, so that Mr. Hertsch from Hildesheim customs and Mr. Schmidt from GTZ could start checking them. Friedhelm Hallmann, managing director of the regional Workers Welfare Association, arrived with Helmut Werner and Otto Drewes – they were cordially welcomed by our chairman Fred Schulz.Mr. Burghard from the Hildesheimer general newspaper gathered information and took some photos. At 12 o´clock, the lorry had left our courtyard to Hamburg-Waltershof, the second one had been loaded already after 55 min. and drove off at 13 o´clock. Both containers were sealed by customs with a high security label and a customs seal.

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