Our Workshop

In March 1995, the unionists from Hildesheim founded the association “Arbeit und Dritte Welt”.

The association is recognized as a non-profit and is registered with the Hildesheim district court under the number 1838.

We collect used tools and machines though a network of facilitators: Companies, unions and private individuals. The equipments collected are refurbished in our own workshops and are then sent to developing countries.

We have undertaken aid-transport to Africa, Asia and South America. Under this development plan, complete workshop installations for wood and metal work, sewing machine, hospital equipments, bicycles, and transport cycles as well as other machines and tools have been sent.

Another aim is to bring permanently unemployed, beneficiaries of the unemployment pay and severely disabled people back to work. Through collaboration with the labour office, we employ those registered at the labour office for a limited period under the job creation scheme and offer fixed job opportunities.

We operate three workshops, a carpentry, a metal and a mechanic workshop. The gardening department maintains the association’s huge premises. The workshops are headed by master technicians. Professional and personal integration is done through a qualification program.
The social pedagogy service assists in case of issues and problems.

Since establishment, more than 1100 people have benefitted by working with us for a limited period. The collaboration with the employment agency, the job-centre and social welfare office is time-tested and successful.
We also aim at providing permanent jobs to severely disabled at our association through funding from the labour office.

Among the activities that are undertaken: include late repatriates and migrants are given German language lessons, the youth are supported through apprenticeship and are trained intensively in the workshops. We bring people from different backgrounds to come together for skill enhancement training for better cooperation and integration.