Our ethos lies in recycling. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is our primary motto. We believe that everything old and discarded can be refurbished and reused.
We lead by example, the office structure measuring 800 m2 has been constructed using recycled materials. Bricks to build the building were sourced from old demolished houses, discarded windows were redesigned and reused, old furniture was refurbished to look as new, even second hand tools were used during construction.

We take immense pride in our creation because not only did we put them together ourselves, but also our master craftsmen have helped train hundreds of unemployed and young apprentices in various aspects of metal work, carpentary, construction etc. Each and every brick, every stone, every wall has a history.
There lies a story behind as someone has worked on every piece individually. It builds a personal relationship between the piece of work; and the artisan be it a young apprentice or an unemployed each one derives a sense of achievement looking at his creation. In effect it has been a symbiotic relationship.

In line with the same ethos, foreign aid is carried out using the principle of recycling. Old tools and equipments are regularly donated to us through a network of fellow unionists. Instead of sending these to the scrap yard, we refurbish these tools in our workshops. These goods are shipped to developing countries on a self help basis.
Thus, we undertake the dual task of training people as well as send quality materials to developing countries. This work is done closely with the support of labour office, unemployment bureau, fellow unionists and partner organisations abroad.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that discarded materials are again put to good use by people who need them. If we have contributed a little to save the environment, then we consider our job well done.
The concept of the association has been proven sound and successful and can be emulated. The team spirit and the motivation of the people involved establish the basis for self-help projects all over the world. Thousands of jobs can be generated all over the country and in return contribute to foreign aid. Thus our slogan, “Unemployed contribute to foreign aid”.