Meeting with representatives of the German Sudanese Association For Development (GSAD)

The association based in Hildesheim was founded by a group of Sudanese and activists from Germany. The objective is to initiate a dialog based on humanitarian and cultural aspects, bring awareness to the German public on the situation in Sudan and about the Sudanese refugees in Germany and the promotion of small health and education projects in Sudan.

Last year, the club had a well-prepared and well attended 2-day event organised in Trillkegut in Hildesheim, where expert speakers were invited to speak on various topics. On this occasion we were impressed with the high quality of the work of this association.

Our meeting was to get to know each other and to exchange information about each other. We also had the opportunity to learn about the tiring and miserable situation of Sudanese refugees in Niedersachsen, who are forced to remain idle due to their work prohibition. Any prospect for these people seems to be missing.
We want to continue this meeting and gladly discuss possibilities of cooperation.

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