The first charitable transport for a vocational school in Massawa

Mr. Baire Tekeste, the head of the Eritrean trade union NCEW and the ambassador Mr. Petros Tseggai had visited us last year, they requested our assistance: A building was built in the port city of Massawa for a vocational training school but it needed furniture and other fittings. We promised our help in the field of carpentry and metal work.
About 4 weeks back, the Stuttgart association “Grundschule Adi Belsey in Eritrea” informed us that there was space in a charitable transport that they had arranged to Eritrea through the federally owned GIZ.
Delighted we took this opportunity and packed the following things: 1 standard drilling machine, 6 bench vices, 1 welding transformer, 1 doppel bench grinder, 2 lathes, 3 planing benches, 1 band saw, 1 circular saw, 1 bow saw, 1 metal saw, 1 ambos, 1 inlay press, 1 exhaust, 1 truing.
Most of the donation came from the tool collection of DGB trust, Sehne and Burgdorf. Everything was checked, surpervised, refurbished in our workshops and packaged professionally in our warehouse.
In a truck, we brought the donation last week to Heilbronn where Manfred Weiss the Stuttgart association head was waiting for us in the premises of the Schenker Company.

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